Past Seasons

Teams at Princes Park Touch play for the biggest trophy in Victorian Touch, the Peter Shaw shield. As our competiton is social the winners of all grades are engraved upon the shield.

Past champions and runners up are listed below, for full details of all results click on the appropriate season.

Season Grade Champion Score Runner Up Score Location
Wednesday 2020-21 Mixed A Vipers 6 Dunneworthy 4 Princes Park, Carlton
Mixed B Don´t want no Scrum 8 Lakers 7
Mixed C Untouchables 6 No woman no try 5
Mixed D Electric Mayhem 6 Touched Up 2
Mixed E Arts Jocks 7 Touchasoreass 7
Thursday 2020-21 Mixed A Tagliatelle 12 Stingers 6 Princes Park, Carlton
Mixed B Good times and friends 8 Groupers 2
Mixed C Touchy Feely 5 Soy Latte 4
Mens A EMU-Sing 8 Lobster Corgi Storm 4
Mens B Starsky and touch 3 PPT Funny Ruckers 3
Womens Pink Panthers 7 Stratagems 3
Wednesday 2019-20 Mixed A Inferno Princes Park, Carlton
Mixed B Titans 8 Dont want no scrum 7
Mixed C Slightly Touched 12 Untouchables 4
Mixed D Smashing Dumplings 5 Electric Mayhem 2
Mixed E Barlies 8 Phantoms 7
Thursday 2019-20 Mixed A Tagliatelle 13 Can´t Touch This 7 Princes Park, Carlton
Mixed B RuPaul’s Tag Race 6 Touch me in the dark 3
Mixed C Good times and friends 5 Goodies 4
Mens A Lobster Corgi Storm 11 Starsky and Touch 6
Mens B firstTOUCH 9 Cowboys Angels 6
Womens Pink Panthers 5 Blood sweat and beers 4
Winter 2019 A Dunneworthy 6 Putney Panthers 3 Holland Park, Kensington
B Slightly Touched 4 Electric Mayhem 2
C Ixtreme Team 4 Pretty Astrid 3
D Slightly Touched 6 Dummy and Dumber 3
Summer 2018-19 A No woman no try 11 MUHCworldwide 4 Royal Park, Carlton
B Traded for a washing machine 12 Nice Tries 6
C The lost Children 6 Don’t want no scrum 5
D Untouchables 8 Dust Donkeys 7
E touch#metoo. 7 Phantoms 5
F Nabtural Talent 6 Scrum on my face 5
Winter 2018 A Dunneworthy 5 Putney Panthers 0 Holland Park, Kensington
B Nice Tries 8 Pretty Astrid 4
C Ixtreme Team 6 Trumpet Fish 3
D Phantoms 6 Touched Up 2
Summer 2017-18 A Yippee Try Yay 11 Titans 8 Princes Park, Carlton
B Lakers 5 Goodies 4
C Easy Touch Tiger 6 Pretty Astrid 3
D Flagons 6 Boats n Hoes 2
E Don’t want no scrum 6 That Don’t Impress Me Touch 1
F 100 Shots 7 Scrum on my face 4
Winter 2017 A Dunneworthy 8 UV Black 4 Holland Park, Kensington
B Nice Tries 9 Pretty Astrid 7
C Team Touchasaurus 2 Phantoms 1
D Heidelberg Dissenters 2 Electric Mayhem 0
Summer 2016-17 A Linestrike 8 Dunneworthy 4 Princes Park, Carlton
B Titans 8 Easy Touchy Tiger 7
C Killers Whales 11 Slightly Touched 3
D Untouchables 6 Touch me in the dark 4
E Sugar Gliders 7 Don’t want no scrum 5
F 100 Shots 10 Midas Touch 2
Winter 2016 A VU Blue 11 Dunneworthy 9 Holland Park, Kensington
B Lost Children 8 Royal Tenenbaums 6
C Pigdon Peeps 6 UV Black 5
D The Flying Foxes 8 2nd Phase 8
Summer 2015-16 A Dunneworthy 9 Untouchables (Ben Cifali) 8 Princes Park, Carlton
B Easy Touchy Tiger 5 Comic Heroes 4
C Slightly Touched 8 Pretty Astrid 6
D Cant Touch this 5 Pigdon Peeps 4
E Sugar Gliders 6 The Divinyls 3
F Phantoms 6 The Red Devils 2

Before September 2015 Winter touch was run for 3 seasons by Northern/Kensington Touch Association, a forerunner of Princes Park Touch Association.

Season Grade Winner Score Runner Up Score Location
Winter 2015 A Putney Panthers 7 VU Blue 3 Holland Park, Kensington
B Royal Tennenbaums 9 NCT 6
C Phantoms 6 Team Touchasaurus 5
Winter 2014 A Hot Custard 8 Putney Panthers 5 Holland Park, Kensington
B The Goodies 9 Bring Da Omf 7
C Pretty Astrid 13 Cheeky 5
Winter 2013 A Dunneworthy 6 Dutch Rudders 3 Holland Park, Kensington
B Easy Touchy Tiger 4 The Nogooders 1
Winter 2012 A Dunneworthy 7 TSA Allstars 3 Holland Park, Kensington

Summer touch was run as Royal Park Touch. This was a separate legal entity and only records of below A grade are patchy.

SeasonGradeWinnerScoreRunner UpScoreLocation
Summer 2014-15ARMIT Redbacks10Dunneworthy3Royal Park, Parkville
Summer 2013-14ACrazy Horses5Easy Touchy Tiger2Princes Park, Carlton
Summer 2012-13ADunneworthy9Easy Touchy Tiger5Princes Park, Carlton
Summer 2011-12AVipersPrinces Park, Carlton
Summer 2010-11ARMIT RedbacksPrinces Park, Carlton
Summer 2009-10A Princes Park, Carlton
Summer 2008-09AEasy Touchy TigerPrinces Park, Carlton
Summer 2007-08ANovacastriansPrinces Park, Carlton
Summer 2006-07APhantomsRoyal Park, Parkville
Summer 2005-06AScoredRoyal Park, Parkville
Summer 2004-05AScoreRoyal Park, Parkville
Summer 2003-04AMRGRoyal Park, Parkville
Summer 2002-03ALilydaleRoyal Park, Parkville
Summer 2001-02ALilydaleRoyal Park, Parkville
Summer 2000-01ALilydaleRoyal Park, Parkville

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Peter Shaw

Has been involved witth Touch football since 2000 after return from playing semi professional rugby in England. He is the founder and president of Princes Park Touch.