Wednesday week 9 – regular season round 6 – split round – 05th of January

Round 6 is a split round such that everyone plays in either weeks 8 or 9, but not both.

Field 1 # Field 2 # Field 3 # Field 4 # Field 5 #
6:10 Vipers Paul Avers & Jose
Nice Tries Nathan Bricknell
Can’t Touch this Young Untouchables Stu McClintock
7:00 Scrum on my face Jose Electric Mayhem Paul Avers
Pretty Astrid Phil Smith & Roger Young Barlies Stu McClintock
7:50 Cattle Dog Roger Young
Grasscutters Jose
Bye: Dunneworthy, Touched Up, Multiple Scoregasm, Slightly Touched, Lakers, Don’t want no scrum, No woman no try, The Slipperies, Easy Touchy Tiger, Phantoms