Wednesday week 4 – regular season round 2, and womens round 4 (final week of womens)

This is the final week of the womens competition, presentations will be at the Sarah Sands immediately afterwards. The grand final is on field 1 in the second slot.

Field 1 # Field 2 #
6:15 Dunneworthy Andrew Edbrooke Legs O’ Ham United Ryan Thomas
SharkAtouch Giancarlo Pretty Astrid Roger Young & Matt Wilson
7:05 Boss Ladies Andrew Edbrooke Wonder Women Ryan Thomas
Queen Bees Matt Wilson & Roger Young Pink Panthers Malcolm Thornton & Phil Smith
8:00 Electric Mayhem Andrew Edbrooke Yager Bombers Ryan Thomas
Smashing Dumplings Davis Mukuha & Roger Young Relaunch Phil Smith
8:50 No rucks to give Andrew Edbrooke Slightly Touched Nathan Bricknell
Adams Angels Steven Quinn Sugar Gliders Ryan Thomas

Bye: Touch McClatchy, Pitch Please, The Lost Children, HasBeens, Untouchables, Lakers, Touched Up, KP Phantoms