Wednesday week 3 – Regular season round 1 – 26th of May

Week 3 is the beginning of teams playing 1 full length game per night for competition points.

  Field 1 #
6:30 Dummy and dumber Stu McClintock
Touchasoreass Andrew Edbrooke
7:20 Yager Bombers Stu McClintock
Pretty Astrid Victor Rod-Rey
8:10 Phantoms Victor Rod-Rey
Parrots Phil Wallis
9:00 MC Hammers Peter Shaw
Legs O’ Ham United  
  Field 2 # Field 3 #
7:00 UV Black Andrew Edbrooke Scrum on my face Phil Smith
Dunneworthy Ryan Thomas Slightly Touched Steven Quinn/David Watts
7:50 Good times and friends Andrew Edbrooke The Grass Cutters Roger Young
Nice Tries Ryan Thomas Touched Up Perry Jagdon & Mireille Keogh
8:40 Untouchables Andrew Edbrooke Electric Mayhem Roger Young
Tagliatelle Victor Rod-Rey Sugar Gliders Andrew Sutherland

Bye: Bupe Bandits, Smashing Dumplings, Golden Touch, Nabtural Talent