Wednesday week 15 – 16th of August

Our last two weeks on Wednesdays are finals and playoffs. Semis are in bold, friendlies/playoffs are in normal font. The format has been extended to 4 fields to minimise the impact with the Matildas match. Playing sport should always come before watching it but for 80% there will be zero overlap and 30 minutes for the rest so let’s do both.

if you do not see your team horizontally scroll the table to see fields 3 and 4 (might happen on small devices).

The semi final structure (for all grades except A Grade)  is 1 plays 4 and 2 plays 3. In finals there is no extra time so in the event of a draw the team placed higher on the ladder is declared the “winner”. This structure is not being used in A Grade.

Importantly teams missing out on finals still playoff for positions, so if your team misses finals they will still be playing this week (except those with byes, those with byes will be playing next week).

Field 1 # Field 2 # Field 3 # Field 4 #
6:00 The Fighting Fantails Roger Young Tuggeranong Hyperdome Amy Chow The Hoonies Maia Morse KP Phantoms Ralph Viane
Loins Ryan Thomas Tryz and Beerz Matt Wilson & Ben McSweeny The Goodies Dylan Shepherd & Batsho Mandeble Pretty Astrid Jono Tay & Kate Hansen
6:50 Untouchables Roger Young Only Phans Amy Chow The Benchwarmers Maia Morse Latrobe Eagles Phil Wallis
Touch McClatchy Giancarlo Touched Up Matt Wilson The Lost Children Phil Smith & Dylan Shepherd Look but don’t touch Ralph Viane
7:40 Legs O’ Ham United Roger Young Northside Heat Matt Wilson
Dodgy Hips Giancarlo & Ralph Viane Sugar Gliders Dylan Shepherd & Maia Morse

Bye: Dunneworthy, Electric Mayhem, and Not from here