Week 10 – 12th of July – state of origin 3

On state of origin nights we run an abbreviated night with three time slots and extra teams having the bye.

Field 1 # Field 2 # Field 3 #
6:00 Look but don’t touch Roger Young Legs O’ Ham United Dylan Shep Tryz and Beerz Maia Morse
The Hoonies Batsho Mandeble & Ryan Thomas KP Phantoms Jono Tay & Kate Hansen Touch McClatchy Amy Chow & Matt Wilson
6:50 Dunneworthy Roger Young Electric Mayhem Matt Wilson & Dylan Shep Dodgy Hips📷 Maia Morse
Untouchables Giancarlo The Fighting Fantails📷 Jono Tay Tuggeranong Hyperdome📷 Phil Smith
7:40 The Lost Children Roger Young The Benchwarmers Nathan Bricknell Only Phans Maia Morse
Not from here Giancarlo Loins Jono Tay The Goodies Matt Wilson

Bye: Touched Up, Latrobe Eagles. Northside Heat, Sugar Gliders, and Pretty Astrid