Wednesday week 1 – Grading round 1 – Wednesday the 25th of November

Week 1 will be a grading round comprising two half length games (equal to one full length game) for all teams. These games are used to assess the level of play for teams. More info on our season structure is available here.

In the seond game winners play winners and losers play losers from pairs of fields. Team movement instructions will be on the scoresheets.

  Field 1 # Field 2 # Field 3 # Field 4 #
6:00 Don’t want no scrum Victor Rod-Rey Easy Touchy Tiger Jose Scrum on my face Paul McMillan Pretty Astrid Andrew Edbrooke
Can’t Touch this Michael Gao Lakers Rob Mitchell No woman no try Michelle & Mireille Keogh UV Black Phil Smith & Roger Young
6:45 Cheech Victor Rod-Rey Yager Bombers Jose Electric Mayhem Paul McMillan Cattle Dog Andrew Edbrooke
Slightly Touched Michael Gao The Clams Ryan  & Paul Hadskiss-Gordon Touched Up Bryce Leigh Grasscutters Josh Stevens & Roger Young
7:30 Dunneworthy Victor Rod-Rey Nice Tries Jose Barlies Paul McMillan Phantoms Andrew Edbrooke
The Lost Children Michael Gao Untouchables Giancarlo Smashing Dumplings Michelle  Art Jocks Roger Young