Wednesday week 11 – Regular season round 8 – 10th of February, 2021

  Field 1 # Field 2 # Field 3 # Field 4 #
6:00 Don´t want no scrum Victor Rod- Rey Barlies Giancarlo UV Black Jose Pretty Astrid Andrew Edbrooke
Untouchables Ellen Devries Can’t touch this Peter Shaw Electric Mayhem Stu McClintock Grasscutters Robert Mitchell
6:50 Dunneworthy Victor Rod-Rey Easy Touchy Tiger Michael Gao No woman no try  Jose Lost Children Andrew Edbrooke
Vipers Ellen Devries Cheech Phil Smith Clams Stu McClintock Cattle Dog Phil Wallis
7:40 Smashing Dumplings Victor Rod-Rey Slightly Touched Michael Gao Phantoms Dan Boss Art Jocks Andrew Edbrooke
Scrum on my face Giancarlo Lakers Nathan Bricknell & Phil Smith Yager Bombers  Jose Touchasoreass Phil Wallis

Bye: The Nice tries, Touched Up