Thursday week 8 – regular season round 5 – split – 06th of January

Field 1 # Field 2 # Field 3 # Field 4 # Field 5 #
6:10 Touch For The Very First Time Roger Young Turtles Bill Rjoub Team Sean Donovan Ryan Thomas
Good times and friends Phil Morrison Touche Riki PPT Blue Giancarlo & Tristan McGrath
7:00 No rucks to give Malcolm Thornton Hatch Bill Rjoub PPT Funny Ruckers Ryan Thomas
Cowboys Angels Ben Rogers Melbourne Chargers Riki MuirTeam Giancarlo & Tristan McGrath
7:50 Scrum on Eileen Roger Young The Lost Children Bill Rjoub The Goodies Ryan Thomas
TouchyFeely Stingers Rob Mitchell Soy Latte Giancarlo

Bye: Starsky and Touch, RuPauls tag race, Lobster Corgi Storm, firstTouch, 100 shots, Parrots, No Hesi, The Yellows, Touch Potatoes, Adams Angels, Tagliatelle, Sugar Gliders, God loves a tryer, Every Time We Touch