Thursday week 16 – grand finals/playoffs for mixed – 03rd of March

This week is grand finals and playoffs for mixed.  In finals there is no extra time so in the event of a draw the team placed higher on the ladder is declared the “winner”.

Importantly teams missing out on grand finals still playoff for final position, so all mixed teams will be playing this week.

We highly encourage you to join us at the GNH for our presentations and an end of season drink.

Field 1 # Field 2 # Field 3 # Field 4 # Field 5 #
6:20 Touch For The Very First Time Giancarlo 100 Shots RyanThomas The Lost Children Phil Morrison PPT Parrots Robert Mitchell Stingers Peter Shaw
Adams Angels Paul Lassig Good times and friends Bill Rjoub & Nathan Bricknell Cowboys Angels Andrew Edbrooke & Ben Rogers Touch Potatoes Tristan McGrath & Jedda Bahloo RuPaul’s Tag Race Malcolm Thornton
7:10 Tagliatelle Giancarlo The Goodies RyanThomas Scrum On Eileen Phil Morrison Every Time We Touch Robert Mitchell
Sugar Gliders Riki Tarau & Paul Lassig No Rucks to Give Bill Rjoub &Nathan Bricknell Soy Latte Andrew Edbrooke God loves a tryer