Smoke free policy

Princes Park Touch recognises that exposure to second-hand tobacco smoke is irritating and harmful to health and that non-smokers should be protected. Even in outdoor areas where people tend to gather, secondhand smoke may be a potential health risk to non-smokers. Legislation and the legal duty of care also provide clear reasons to have a smokefree workplace.

Under common law Princes Park Touch has a legal duty to ensure that participants are not exposed to potentially harmful situations.

Princes Park Touch also recognises that outdoor smokefree areas help to reduce cigarette butt litter and provide a substantial cost saving through reduced cleanup costs and reduced fire risk. Discarded cigarette butts
pose a danger to children’s health if they swallow them, potentially causing vomiting and other symptoms of nicotine poisoning.

Accordingly, the following policy has been developed.


This policy is effective from the 01st of October 2018.

Who is affected by the policy

This policy applies to all particpants, eg players, referees, officials, and spectators on or near our fields, control areas, or if applicable pavilions we are using. It applies to both conventional and e-cigarettes

Smokefree areas

Princes Park Touch requires all areas under our control to completely smoke free entire areas. This includes:

  • All indoor areas, including pavilions under its control.
  • Any designated social areas
  • All outdoor areas under its control (both uncovered and covered), including playing fields and the areas adjacent (within 30 metres), and outdoor control areas.
  • Any vehicles or tents that are within the boundary of areas under its control.

Supporting participants members who smoke

Thoe who wish to smokes are requested to undertsand the above policy and if they wish to smoke to move outisde the areas outside the control of Princes Park touch above as smoke free. This will usually simply involve moving away (at least 30 metres) from the areas designated above

To help smokers who wish to quit or reduce their smoking, Princes Park Touch will provide support to help them adjust to the changes. This includes:

  • promoting the Quitline
  • making health information available


The responsibility for enforcing the policy rests with all members. Any breach of this policy will lead to the following procedures being applied.

  1. Assume that the person is unaware of the smokefree policy.
  2. A committee member or ground controller will approach the person breaching the policy and politely ask them to refrain from smoking and remind them about the smokefree policy.
  3. If the offence continues, the offending person must be made aware that if they don’t stop smoking then they will be required to leave the areas under Princes Park Touch’ conterol.
  4. If the offending continues, then the person will be escorted off the premises, if the offender is non compliant police may be called.
  5. If the offender is a member of Princes Park Touch then additional penalties may be applied including suspension from any participation (through appropriate disciplianry processes.

Under no circumstance should this smokefree policy be breached.

Policy review

This policy will be reviewed six months after its introduction and then on an annual basis thereafter.
This will ensure that the policy remains current and practical.

Published by

Peter Shaw

Has been involved with Touch football since 2000 after return from playing semi professional rugby in England. He is the founder and president of Princes Park Touch.