Info on using my teams

Basic info on using the system follows, it is early days though, but we have big plans for this system to be used by other non-profits so feedback is appreciated.

  1. Log in (the first time you use this you are automatically logged in but you may need to log in with email and password on later visits).
  2. Under members in the menu you will see a My teams menu item, click that
  3. Select (click) your team
  4. Then in the main menu you will see Add and List functions
  5. Use list to view your current team and if necessary retire players
  6. Use add to add additional players (they will receive a confirmation email they need to cliuck on when you add them)
  7. Let Pete know how you found the process ;-)

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Peter Shaw

Peter Shaw has been involved in touch since 2001 when he returned from playing semi professional rugby in England. He is the president and founder of Princes Park Touch Association