Hall of Shame

A PPT we believe in accountability, all members with life and indefinite bans from our events are listed here with the reason for that ban and other pertinent information.

This is done in the hope that:

  1. Other organisations can learn from their behaviour
  2. It will serve as an example to others that we take bad behaviour seriously
  3. They will realise their behaviour has consequences and learn from it

There have been more than around thousand players overs the past 10 years and thankfully more than 99.8% do the right. Theee are the few that did not.

Hemi Raheke

Hemi RahekeHemi started a fracas with an opposition player which he escalated to an assault. He was lucky not to be criminally charged. He has a life time ban from touch football and all PPT events

Michael Younger

Michael Younger

Tyson Wiegold

Tyson WiegoldTyson behaved poorly as a captain, repeatedly flouted the expectations under the members faq which he had agreed to support and tried to avoid a suspension from the sport for being sent off. He is banned indefinitely

Venkat Guntur

Venkat GunturVenkat informed us he wanted to start a team at PPT. We sent him over half a team of players to create a team. He collected money from those players but did not pay the season fees for his team so we had to remove the team as non financial. Venkat kept this money. He committed theft and has a life ban.    

Life vs indefinite bans

Those with life bans have behaved so poorly they will never be allowed to play at PPT again.

Those with indefinite bans may be allowed to return if they make a written submission recognising their poor behaviour and undertaking not to repeat it and if the committee accepts that this is genuine.

Published by

Peter Shaw

Has been involved with Touch football since 2000 after return from playing semi professional rugby in England. He is the founder and president of Princes Park Touch.