What if my team may not have enough players this week?

Naturally over the course of the season there may be nights where your team are struggling for numbers. However, whilst one team may be struggling their opponents are usually keen for a game, therefore we go the extra mile to ensure all teams get a game every week.

But for for this to work it is also the responsibility of captains to do what they can to ensure that the game goes ahead.
To this end the following steps are essential:

  1. Communicate with your team early to ascertain if players are available
  2. If your team is struggling contact us immediately with approximate numbers
  3. We will then advise if it is possible to find additional players so that a match can go ahead
  4. If it is possible your available team members should show up and additional players will be allocated
  5. If not possible we will let you know, you should then advise your team the game is off and we will advise the other team.

The key is to communicate with us as early as possible, a last minute email or worse a no show are not acceptable. Teams that no show may be ejected from competition, as it unfair to other teams.

If you are also struggling for players on an ongoing basis also let us know as we often have unaligned players looking to be placed in teams.

Published by

Peter Shaw

Peter Shaw has been involved in touch since 2001 when he returned from playing semi professional rugby in England. He is the president and founder of Princes Park Touch Association