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Team and individual Registrations are open for our Summer 2019-20 touch football season, located in Melbourne’s heart. This year we return to the best fields in Melbourne in Princes Park.

This year we are pleased to announce that in addition to our usual social mixed on Wednesdays, we now have social mixed, social womens and mens on Thursdays, more info here:

Note our Wednesday competition is now full, and we have only one spot left on Thursday nights.

To enter a team or join as an individual follow these instructions:


If you are an individual or small group without a team, wishing to be placed into team please use our Individual Players form and follow the instructions.Every year we place large numbers and there is no cost for placement.

New Teams

To enter a new team (i.e. a team that has not played with us before) please download and complete the following Team Registration Form and email it to:

If you have not collected all your players details do not worry (we will send you a link where you can add additional names later), just ensure the following are details are recorded:

  • Team name
  • Captains details (phone number and email)
  • Approximate standard of team. (your grade will be determined over the first two weeks which are grading rounds)

Once we have received your form we will hold a place for you in the competition.

The total team registration fee for senior mixed and mens are:

  • Wednesdays: $1250
  • Thursdays: $1150

These are slightly lesss than our normal fees, baiscally adjusted on a pro rata basis because our Wednesday season will be one week shorter than normal and Thursday two weeks. Normally teams get 13-14 in their season but this season is shorter due to the covid late start.

This is split into a deposit of $500 (this is required before the first game), and a residual required by week 3.

Other specialist compettions such as womens or juniors have different costs.

Existing teams

Please send us an email and we will reactivate your team for the upcoming season.

Or for any other inquiries please contact Pete and Brad on:

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