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This Wednesday (the 08th of February) is week 14 of our 16 week competition. All grades  are very close with 80% of the teams still in the running for finals:


So here is the structure of over the final part of the season.

Week 14

Is the last regular season round with points going towards the grades which have been set. But most importantly it is NOT the end of the season if your team doesn’t  make finals.

Week 15

This is semi final week for all grades.

Those teams missing the finals who don’t have a bye play off in friendly matches for final ladder positions. (although its all friendly at PPT).

Week 16

This is grand final week for teams making GF’s and our last week.

Those teams missing the finals play off in friendly matches for final ladder positions (subject to some teams having byes).

There will be an end of season function, at our sponsors the Great Northern Hotel, so keep the night free and extra drink vouchers will be provided.

Other important things to note are:

List of players

We need full player lists for all teams (most teams are now pretty good), so please check the sign on sheet this week and ensure your name is on there. This is important and part of a our effort to become make PPT a members based competition (plus if not you may not be able to play finals).

Affiliates Cup

Sunday the 26th of February is Affiliates cup. PPT is planning on putting in mens, women’s and mixed teams. More info here:

It is a great day so let Brad Chant know, email back this address or phone him on: 0400 070 077.


Teams are reminded of our uniform policy:
Most teams are very good in this regard but for the benefit of our referees penalties for players out of uniform will be enforced in finals.


Without referees there is no touch so it is important we keep adding to he ranks of whistle blowers. So if anyone you know is a qualified referee or is interested in getting involved please put us in touch.

At PPT we look after our referees the best and it is a very enjoyable and social thing to be involved with. More info here:


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