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this season we are kicking off something new! Before every game, we will be addressing both teams collectively. This will give us the opportunity to communicate to teams important information, answer questions, and provide coaching tips. If you were around last week you would have heard the same drill

This week we are going to address membership of Princes Park Touch and the structure of our season.

Season structure
This week is the final week of grading. Which is used to purely to assess team ability. Please note that given there are plenty of new faces mismatches in grading may occur. But grading enables us to match teams closely over the remainder of the season.

Next week we start regular competition (where your points count) which runs for 12 weeks. Followed by another two weeks of finals and playoffs (which everyone plays). Which means that all teams get 13-14 games (as each week a few teams will have a bye).

Over the weekend we will be publishing the draw for week 3 to 5. After that the grades will reassessed. Please note that on state of origin nights we will be running an abbreviated nights with a third of teams having the bye. We can accommodate most fixture requests so if you want a specific week off get your captain to let us know.


Unlike other comps Princes Park Touch is a non profit incorporated association and its players and referees are its members. This means all our regular participants need to be registered as members. Over the coming fortnight instructions on the process and information required for players will be forwarded to each teams captain.

Information on membership, as well as everything else you need to knwo is available on the website under the membership section