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This week brings us to week 12 of our 17 week competition so just a heads up on a few things.

Grading and ladders:
Grades are now set, however in order to give teams a game every week there will be occasional games between teams in different grades over the rest of the season.

Ladders are here:


and draws are here:


Over the course of the season every team will play 13-14 games over 17 weeks, this is the longest season in Melbourne both in of length and number of games per team. However with us running shortened nights during state of origin there were a lot of byes in the first half of the season. This will calm down now that we are running full programs for the rest of the season

Weeks 16 and 17 are finals and playoff weeks. At RPT all teams play through until the end of the season (subject to byes) so if you don’t make finals your team will still play friendly games right up to the 02nd of September

Teams are reminded of our uniform policy:
Most teams are very good in this regard but for the benefit of our referees we will be enforcing this over the coming weeks.

Signing on
Please remind your team mates to sign on. This covers them for insurance and qualifies them for finals (if your team makes them).

VT League trials
For those looking to play touch at a higher leval this weekend the state league touch teams (VT league) are holding trials. Full details of the trials are available at the VT league website

Good Health – Touch Football feature

If any of your female players are interested in being the subject of a magazine article please let me know. I’ve had an inquiry from Good health magazine,. They are looking women who would be aged in their late 30s to early 50s, who have returned to the sport after playing when younger.

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