Individual players - Archived

Peter Shaw Posted on by Peter Shaw

This content has been archived and may be out of date.If you are an individual player on my list, please rest assured I am currently trying to place you. As discussed if you are female or a mixed group I will place you in our competition but be patient our first few weeks are busy so I will get to you over the next week. However If you are a male I’ll be able to place 30% in our comp but if you are flexible I will find you a place in other competitions. If you are an individual player wishing to be placed in an existing team (and you have not yet put your name down this season) visit Individual Players and follow the instructions. or sen me an email. Or for any other enquiries please contact: [lh_personalised_content_logged_in]Hello %first_name% your user Login is: %user_login% [/lh_personalised_content_logged_in]

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