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just an update of a few things as we reach week 3 of our competition.


The two grading rounds are now complete and a draw has been published for the next two weeks here: https://princesparktouch.com/social-competition/

Please note that at RPT we emphasise social touch we regrade throughout the first half of the season. As such changes will be made between grades such that by half way through the season we will have 6 final grades. So whilst the official grading rounds are over regrading will still occur every two weeks up until week 8. The only difference being that now all games will be full length and your results all count towards your eventual ladder position.


As you probably know due to the redevelopment work at Princes Park we have returned to Royal Park itself. This was has created a number of changes and challenges. Namely:

  1. Last week I measure the fields and my suspicions were confirmed, the fields as marked are shorter and narrower than regulations. I informed the council Thursday morning and hopefully they can fix this asap but in the mean time please be patient. In the mean time we will try to work around it by refereeing the game as open as we can.
  2. During week 1 the city of Melbourne contractor contractor walking the fields mentioned restrictions on footwear to some teams. I am still unclear what those restrictions are (if any) and therefore I’ll seek clarification directly council. It seems that whatever restrictions that apply (if there are any) must apply to all city of Melbourne grass competitions (which as far as i know do not have any restrictions).  In the mean time just proceed with normal footwear.
  3. As we have moved location we have signed up a new pub sponsor (the Charles Weston hotel). We loved our old sponsor the Great Northern but we are now a fair distance from them. It is early days in the season though so we welcome feedback on whether we should stay with the new pub, look for another pub in Brunswick, or head back to the GNH (despite the extra distance)?

some other things that are important are:

Signing On

Players are reminded to sign on. This covers you for insurance and qualifies players for finals


This season in order to complete the registration of each player in our competition we require their full name, a unique email address, date of birth, and their suburb. Most captains have included this info for their teams in the rego form. But if anything was lacking our secretary/treasurer Brad Chant will be in touch to make sure each captain has sent through a full team list.

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