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This week bring us to week 17 of the competition. The last round of our competition. So check the results and see were your team is placed and who you are playing in the grand-finals and playoffs.

Note we are deploying an extra temporary field (field 7)  behind the desk in a special effort to ensure everyone plays on our last night!



some other thing to note are:

Free BBQ

As it is the last round the BBQ will be free, so if you are playing in the first two time slots. Grab a snag and watch the finals, begore heading off to the GNH.snags

Great Northern Hotel

Following the final time slot we will be adjourning to the Great Northern Hotel for presentations and an end of season drink. Please come a get a dink voucher from the desk, there will be extra’s and we look forward to you joining us there.

Grand Final uniforms and conditions

For those playing in grand finals, a big congratulations.

Please note the following. The uniform policy will be enforced i.e. all teams members must be in a uniform and have a unique number on the back (taped numbers are acceptable). Secondly as we are limited by daylight in the event of a tied game the higher team on the ladder will be crowned champion (drop offs will not apply).

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